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To New Beginnings!

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Money, life, and chasing freedom.

It's surprising how much money has an influence on our lives. Looking back; it's difficult to think of any major decision in my life that wasn't influenced by money. Where I lived, what I studied in school, who I admired. Money went so far as to tell me who to admire. "He's successful, he must be doing something right!" "She drives a really expensive car! I'll be just like her one day!"


Money has a grip on people in ways they will never know. I've seen more people than I can remember working jobs they hate to make ends meet. I've talked with people who are hopeless in a dead end job where they can't increase their income all the while everything around them costs more and more.

I've spoken with friends who are in more debt now than they ever thought possible. Veterans, teachers, and yes...even doctors!

You may be asking yourself why I am starting off my new blog with such a depressing look into money! Well let me explain; money isn't who you are or what you're capable of. Money is one of the most utilized and misunderstood tools to exist. Money doesn't make you good or bad, but it amplifies what you can achieve. It pushes people to have self discipline.

Financial counseling is not something I knew I'd been doing for so long. I didn't know it had a term. I've been talking money with people since my father explained the concept to me. Since then I've been fascinated by money and what it can do. My goal is to show people how to use this tool to their advantage. Financial freedom is a concept I hope everyone is familiar with, and it's my goal to get as many people there as I possibly can!

With that being said, welcome to SOAR FINANCIAL COUNSELING LLC. My passion project that has been in the making for longer than I'd care to elaborate. Together we can go far, through hard work and a growing financial education, we won't just live, we'll SOAR!

Thank you for reading!

Spencer K. Dunbar

Financial Counselor


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