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These Programs Will Save You MONEY!

Updated: 5 days ago

Now that I have your attention, welcome back to the blog! If you are new here this is where I share extra tips and tricks about all things money. I'm continuing to work on my debt payoff challenge which has been going pretty well! The busier I get the harder it is to make extra money but there are always options. Now let's get to the reason you clicked on this page!

I have two new programs I am starting to ensure my clients have the most options available if financial counseling is too expensive. Times are hard and money goes a long way in this economy! These programs offer rewards for different services that you guys can assist me with. I am a huge proponent of waiting until something goes on sale to purchase it, so here is you chance if you are like me!

PROGRAM 1: Client Feedback

This program will offer a 35% discount to clients who want to participate. All you have to do to receive this discount is to give me feedback on the process of financial counseling. I have been adding a ton of things to the program (like the new budgeting spreadsheet) to make things like budgeting simpler and less of an annoyance. The goal of the Feedback program is just that, to hear your opinions on everything! If there are things that could be simpler, things that don't make a lot of sense, or things that you wish were available to you! There isn't any extra homework, just a few extra minutes after each meeting to fill me in on what needs to change. I think this program will be extremely mutually beneficial as the discount is large and I really need more feedback as I try to add new things to the programs.

Yes I could ask everyone their thoughts after right after our meetings but I want people who are dedicated to this process to give me their input, and for a nice discount to their plan pricing! I hope this finds the right audience as I am currently accepting roughly 5 clients to be a part of this program. I don't want a ton of feedback quite yet, but will likely run this program for a few months and then who knows after that! Luckily the second program has no limit to how many people can participate!

If you are interested in program one, simply let me know either via a comment or during a scheduled Q&A call and we can see if this program and discount will work for you! These Programs will Save You Money!

PROGRAM 2: Referrals

Referrals are an amazing way to help out small businesses. I have been itching to start something like this for a long time. The key with this program is to only ask those who would really benefit from coaching! Maybe someone who you have spoken about financial hardships with in the past. The reward for the referral program is 50% off a meeting (typically a $60-$80 value) if someone signs up for a Discovery Session. This means that they are serious about their financial situation improving and you will get a nice bonus! The great thing about this is that the new client signing up will also get 50% off their discovery session! This will benefit both of you and hopefully get the word out there about financial counseling to those who need it most!

This is a multi-use reward as well. You can do it as many times as you'd like! That means if you booked a 6 month program, but added 6 new referrals, you'd only be paying for 3 of the 6 meetings! I think this program will be great for those who are struggling with the price of financial counseling or are waiting for the right time (or sale) to jump in head first. Remember this journey to your ideal financial life is long, but together we can overcome the challenges on the way and build a better financial future for you!

I hope you guys enjoy these extra promotions and take advantage of the discounts! These are currently the only offered discounts but who knows what the future holds. If you are interested in the referral program stay tuned. It is not live just yet but will be implemented hopefully by the time you are reading this! I hope you have a great and stress free week! Oh, and don't forget to make smart financial decisions! I'll see you guys next time.

-Spencer Dunbar

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